Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quilt made by Carla!

Here I was, complaining and look what it led me to!  An old friend of mind, Carla's blog! 

Dancing Moon Blog She recently made this fun and whimsical quilt and I hope she makes many more!!  I love this quilt
This is her first?  Come on! LOL girl, you better make some more!

DANCING MOON: It's For The Birds!!!!!:

Monday, May 20, 2013

New Tablet, New Frustrations!

I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2!  At first I was loving it.  Then the troubles started.  Now I'm so frustrated.  I keep going round and round in circles.
If you think, "Wow!  Why doesn't she just google some help?  HAAA!  Which google do I use, I ask! 
Because suddenly I'm signed up for more than 1 apparently.  And I can't get a fix on any I try.  Was thinking about deleting it all and starting over, but how do I know what is linked to my blog?  Will I be deleting all my hard work?  ACK

There was this cool feature on my tablet:  I could click a little envelope that said email to get to my Yahoo email.  This is the email I've had forever!  Everything is in there!  patterns, contacts, purchases, etsy buyers, etc, the list goes on!
Now, when I click it it tells me that access failed.  If I use the browser to open it up, there hasn't been a new email for days!  But, if I use my laptop to access it, its all good.  Also, I can see I've received a billion messages.  Some related to my Etsy where I sell my handmades.  So, that was 1 reason I got this tablet: to monitor my Etsy shop and yahoo email on the go.  And to read books. 

If all I can do is read books, its 1 hell of an expensive book.

Ok, before my blood pressure goes up anymore, I'll quit.  Thanks for listening and keep me in your thoughts!

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