Thursday, November 1, 2012

How did every one's Halloween go?  Solly, my half German Shepard, half Golden Retriever, and I had some fun!

This is a pic of him sitting on the love seat with my sister Peg.  He really, and I mean really loves my sister!!  He licks her face off all the time!  We visit her at her house and he won't get 2 feet from her.

We got the sidewalk and front porch all swept free of those gorgeous leaves. We re-adjusted all our pumpkins.  Then we hung on the front door a fave. Pumpkin Girl doll I made a few years ago.  I got my big witch all positioned in her chair with her lighted candle and we were ready!  Turn on the outside light, and WAIT!

It didn't take long.  They start out slow, then invade all at once! LOL

Its a good thing I had Solly's leash on;  he was quite popular again this year.  Everyone from adults to the smallest Trick or Treaters loved him!
He was having an absolute Blast!  This 1 little bitty girl hung onto his neck for so long, I thought the mommy would have to peel her off him.  He is so gentle.  He stays very still so as not to knock anybody down or hurt anybody.  He keeps his big ole paws on the ground and never does a scary thing.  He lets them pat and pet and ooo and aww over him all they want! LOL 

When the Treaters were dried up, he paced in front of the glass door and whined, voicing his need for more! LOL

All the kids were having a blast and somebody had made sure they all were very well dressed Halloween fans!  I couldn't believe all the super cute costumes!
I have to say my fave. was the candy corn witch costume.  I actually was quite envious!
Then again the girl with the unicorn suit was really cute, too.  She was a bit older and wore a complete pale pink body suit with a headband with furry white ears and a unicorn horn in the middle.  Wowwww!

I completely regret I didn't get any pictures.  However, if you see this dog and an overwhelmed owner surrounded by Trick or Treaters on Facebook or a Blog, don't be surprised!  We, err, Solly, had his pic taken several times by different parents!

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!  I have some projects that didn't quite get finished that I'll be safely stowing away for next year!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Dolls

Awww Autumn!  What's not to love?  The very air, at least when no one is burning! is wonderful, crisp and nutty!
All the colors and the decorations catch your eye as you go past.
I absolutely adore pumpkins and gourds and mums adorning the outside of houses.
I was like a child at the pumpkin patch.  I know they thought I was "special".  They had all the pumpkins and gourds grouped in colors and sizes.  I had told myself I was going for white pumpkins of all sizes and shapes, be it ugly or perfect. 
I should have known better; I love all the colors and must have a sampling of all!!
I did get a white pumpkin for outside, though.  Now my boys are grown, perhaps I won't have to keep an ear out at night worrying some heathen will smash a pumpkin for fun!  Everytime Solly, my dog, does even a growl, I'm popping up at the window checking.
Right now I'm waiting on some batting to make more bags.  They've become quite popular recently, more than ususal.
So, I've had time to make a couple more Fall dolls!  Halloween dolls!!
And, here they are!  They are all listed on my Etsy!

I hope your Autumn is going wonderfully!  Get ready for Halloween! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Witches, Grungy and Scary!

Witches, Witches Everywhere!!

And their cats, too! *cackle*

Pumpkin Carriage pulled by 2 scary cats!  The wheels are 4 vintage wooden spools!  Witch has a broom!

Hag witch has a cauldron and broom.  She wears a grungy stained cheesecloth cape!
Her eyes are sewn on black beads and flax hair felted on!

See her turkey feather in her hatband?  Her kitty has square head nails sewn on for legs, rusty bells for eyes, and rusty wire for whiskers!

Between being sick, I have made witches for my Etsy shop.  Witches are so fun to make!  I have many more items in the making, nothing really to show.  They are made using great patterns by My Primitive Saltbox I bought from Patternmart.

There is a wool pumpkin I made a out of reclaimed wool with feather stitching on the seams.  The stem is brown canvas.  It needs something before I put it in the shop, but I'm really proud of it as I didn't use a pattern.

Punch Needle

For my 1st Punch Needle project I chose a pattern by one of my fav fab talented artists Robin at Bird in the Hand Primitives .
Its the Jack and Cat one.  I'm making it for a very special person (its a surprise!).  The only problem with it is; I made it way too big!  LOL  I ran out of ecru floss. Eeek!  Not to worry, I told DH to order me some and he got me a case of 12 skeins! Hmmmm!  I'm glad I didn't order anything too big or expensive!  Silly man.  Needless to say, it will be quite a sizable piece!
When I've made more progress, I'll post a pic.

I've also been making purses like crazy.  Gals are really loving the Camo hobos with colorful bandana elbows.  I get so much pleasure out of making these bags.  They are so much fun.  I always use the latest "cool" camo fabric.  Some are Mossy Oak Breakup Infinity, Realtree or Mossy Oak Breakup pattern.

I listen to audiobooks while I sew.  Right now I'm listening to Restless in the Grave by Dana Stabenow.  I'm waiting for the 2nd book in the 50 Shades of Gray trilogy.  Woohooo!  Its taking so longgggggggg.

So, now I'm finally showing myself since we're in the last weeks of August!

I've either had shingles or was recovering from shingles all of August so far! There went vaca! There went a celebration for 22 years of marriage! UGH it wasn't fun; I don't recommend it! LOL

I have a dear sweet friend who is pregnant with her 1st baby, who I'm fearful of visiting, as its a danger for her to be around me when I had shingles.  I hope I get to see her soon.

Back to sewing purses! 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Reversible Bucket Bag

As promised, here are some of the purses I made for a local shop, Aline's Cards and Gifts.  You can see them on my Facebook.  It's a Reversible Bucket Bag pattern by Lisa Lam.
This is a nice large bag, but not too big you'll need back surgery at the end of the day!  As I said, its reversible.  The denim and toile has a handmade flower pin used for the closure.  You can un-pin it and use on the other side, too!

 This is my favourite, its a sweet butterfly print.  Its trimmed in the yellow print which the flower is made from, too.  The other side is the green gingham print.  You can also unpin it to use on the reverse side of the bag for the closure.
On this plaid and burghandy purse, I sewed a button on each side that you use for the closure.  Sometimes, you don't want a flower, but I can make one on request!

This backpack purse is a really gorgeous bag.  I used some fun fabrics in light yellow, light blues and light greens.  The flap fabric is a butterfly fabric.  The straps and the lining are a Moda print in light blue and white clouds.  The flap closure buttons using a big blue flower print button.

As soon as I find the creator of the bag pattern, I'll add it in.  It just slipped my mind, hmmmm!

Now, on to my sweetie.  A few weeks ago he went to a "shoot".  Its a bow shooting competition.  I was thrilled he got a snap of him, "in action"!
Frank, the love of my life... and the love of his life (bow shooting). LOL
Our wedding anniversary is coming up.  We were married July 7, 1990.
We won't be having too much celebration, however, as I have shingles!  Blecckkk!
Sorry, honey, "Will you take a raincheck?" 

My dh Frank shooting his bow at a competition.  What a sweetie!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'll be making some purses today and printing out some of the patterns I've bought!  I really, really hope to get a bunch accomplished.  Hmm, much coffee could be consumed today!

Here are some turkey feathers pics.  I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in these or not.  I personally love decorating with them.  Let me know and I can create a custom listing on Etsy for you.
These are wing set, tail set and smaller tail set, in that order.

 Watch this sweet doe video.  I'm a sucker for this stuff!  I had to share this.

Have a marvelous day!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Doesn't this look fun?

I'm pretty sure whoever had to dress those sweet critters didn't have fun, though!

Just thought I'd drop in and say "Hi!".  I've been gone sooooo long!
I visit blogs and for a while I had trouble replying to posts!  It became frustrating.  I have been a quitter!  Ack!  Well, I have had a  bit of illness which slowed me down, plus a tooth pain thing, then the tooth pulling thing.  UGH!  I've worked at changing my blog around and it was a PITA.  I gave up! 
Then, I said to dh, "I need a new lappy!".
Male response "Why?  All you need is some more memory".
Then all I had to do was sigh.  Then I heard, "It should be here in 2 to 3 days."
From me, "What should be here in..."
Before I could finish, he said "Your new laptop I just ordered!"
Dry cough from me.
I just love my dh!  Have I mentioned that lately?  Now, I've been having fun getting it all set up the way I like it.  I've decided not to put all my docs and pics files on it, but keep it on a little drive.  Its been working out.

Now, I need to get back to purse  making for my stock at the shop I consign in.  A huge SORRY!  goes out to Geri.  It seems before I can list purses on Etsy or put them in Geri's shop, I've sold them.  Which is nice, but I really need to stock up! LOL

I've bought some fun patterns to make some Prims for fall.  Yeah, me!  Its my reward for after I get a bunch of purses finished! Weeeeeee!

Now I have a speedy-fun lappy I can begin visiting all my fav blogs! Woohooo

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Selling, Sewing and Selling More!

I've been so blessed with all the sales I've had recently.  Thanks go out to everyone for all their encouragement and support.

Sewing and crafting means so much to me.  It helps me relax and gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I make things I want and like myself.  That other folks actually will pay money for it is just an added bonus!  It thrills me to think someone is going to love my creations!

Recently, through Etsy and personal experience, too, I've had the pleasure of meeting some very wonderful people interested in my creations.  All of the compliments and appreciation given to me frankly overwhelmed me and I've found myself actually tearing up.

I sold some rag dolls, to my excitement, to a nice lady in England.  She said my rag dolls are endearing, have the "it factor" and are a bit magical, and are quirky! Wowee very high praises! 

I was told my bags are stunning and I was really gifted!  I can't make them fast enough!  They are sold before I can even list them in my Etsy shop or put in my friend Geri's brick and mortar store.  I keep running out of batting and zippers! LOL

In April, 2 of my ballerina dolls were autioned at a "Ballerina Ball" for a professional ballet company in Naples, Florida.  They included accessories and had letters of authentification (whew type that 3 times fast).  News came back to me that they were well received and both sold, and "ooohs and ahhhhs" were heard.

Also I had a lady in March custom order a snowman doll.  Isn't he adorable?  His outfit is burlap, his scarf and hat is 100% wool (sweater) with a chocolate felt bird cutout, his mittens are cream felt.  He carries cream chenille candycanes and has a bronze tree with a glitter wood star on top!

Thanks everyone!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I want this Gorgeous Bunny!

Isn't this Primitive Easter bunny just gorgeous?!  Angi at Drakestone Primitives has a giveaway going on right now for this wonderful bunny.  But, you have to hurry!  The drawing takes place March 25th.
So, 3 days!

I just love springtime!  Everything is coming up new in the yard!  I love looking at all the beautiful blooming trees!
I have so many memories of Easter and spring time.

So, I'm Wayyyy way behind on my Primitives crafting.  I've been making purses!  Totes, handbags, reversibles, duffels, hobos, messenger bags!  Oh, I'm having a blast with all this fabric and batting and zippers, OH MY!!

I'm taking time out today to make myself a new lunch bag for work, though.  My poor watermelon lunch bag has seen better days! LOL

I'm really itching to make some bunnies and chicks!  Gotta make some time!

Talk to ya soon.  Prim wishes!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Primitive Valentines Day! Look!

Valentines Day has always, and I mean always been fun for me.  I was the kid cutting out hearts all the time.  Hearts everywhere!!  It took me forever to pick out my Valentines at Ben Franklin.  I wanted the cutest ones.  I demanded to wear red, lots of red!  I oo-ed and aww-ed over anything pink and fuzzy or red and shiny.  Red and Pink construction paper bits everywhere, getting me in trouble at home.  I kept my Valentines hidden, well after the day, so my "purge everything" mama wouldn't throw them away! LOL

And that was just in grade school!

Crafting some Valentines Day goodies early, I have some lovlies in my Etsy shop MaryMQuiteContrary I'd like to share!

I made 2 Primitive Hanging Heart Pinkeeps.  They have 3 hanging felt strawberries that have tiny black bead seeds sewn on.  This is the first one in a blue calico with red flowers and a red pocket made of quality cotton fabric.  The second one is done in osnaburg with a red and white ticking pocket.  Vintage buttons and thread and pins decorate the hearts.  I've included the cutest tiny pair of sewing scissors.  They are brand new but old stock and are extremely sharp and work terrific;  they look vintage.  Both pinkeeps were aged with walnut ink stain.  They hang by a rusty wire.  Liberty Creek Primitives pattern.

Blue Hanging Heart Pinkeep

Osnaburg Hanging Heart Pinkeep

 This adorable pillow pincushion is my own pattern and is 7 inches by 4 1/2 inches.  I used vintage fabric done in a red background with a white print.  Then I appliqued a heart shaped using a white fabric with little red hearts. 

Kitty is sewn securely on.  I made the kitty out of upcycled black wool;  she is a bitty thing at 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches.  Her eyes, mouth and whiskers were hand sewn using a linen thread.  Her tail is gathered wool and her ears are pointy!  I tied a strip of the red fabric for a bow around her neck.  The back of the pincushion is made of the black wool.  I've included 2 pearly white heart shaped stick pins.

Black wool Kitty on a Vintage Pincushion with Hearts

Kitty Close-up

Here is the first of the 3 rag dolls I made.  She is 19 inches tall.  You can read all about her on my Etsy shop.  She'd be great as a Valentines Day gift with her little red and white ticking heart in her hand, but she would be great all year, too!  These 3 rag dolls were made using 3 different Bowls N Annies patterns.

Sweetheart Raggedy

 This little lady is wearing a dress made from vintage Strawberry print fabric in red and pink.  She has a bow made from a torn strip of red and white gingham fabric.

Valentine Love Raggedy

 This Vintage looking Raggedy is ready for her Valentines Day card to be signed and given to someones Sweetie!  She looks well-loved and worn.  I made her puffy-sleeved dress from a pink floral vintage childs pillowcase trimmed in stained light pink bias trim, and a vintage doily collar.

Valentines Day Vintage Raggedy

I handmade this little Valentine card with a graphic I printed out and glued to a piece of cardstock.  Inside the heart is a little sailor boy listening to romantic music on a gramophone.  I used both clear German glass glitter and red and gold.  A bow made of tea stained sheet music with a tiny red button in the middle and a red ribbon completes it.  Your own message goes inside and shes ready!
My dear Valentine handmade card

 Here I have 2 Primitive Prairie dolls 11 by 5 1/2 inches.  Each doll has handstitched faces, needle felted flax hair and have been painted, sanded and stained with walnut ink.  They both have round metal rimmed hangtags with short messages on 1 side. A Blue Moon Beginnings pattern was used.

Rosy Prim Prairie Valentine Doll

Sally Sweetheart Prim Doll
  Valentines Day wouldn't be real without some heart shaped pillows!
I used my own pattern to make these 2 pillows.  I used vintage ticking fabric in a tiny red and white stripe.  The picture kinda makes them look pink, though.  I rag stuffed them using sewing table scraps.  I used a small doily with a sprig of Sweet Annie, then tied a strip of fabric in a tie-dyed hot pink.
Each pillow has a different hang tag on it.  They are Vintage looking graphics I printed out featuring little girls with Valentines Day messages.  I glued them onto tea stained big manilla hang tags that are looped to the fabric strip by natural crochet thread. 

I hope you've enjoyed this post featuring some Valentines Day eye candy!!  Visit my Etsy shop MaryMQuiteContrary for more info!  Shop early for your sweetie or sweeties;  I'm already looking for a card for my hunk!  I'll find the perfect 1 for my perfect 1!!

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