Thursday, November 1, 2012

How did every one's Halloween go?  Solly, my half German Shepard, half Golden Retriever, and I had some fun!

This is a pic of him sitting on the love seat with my sister Peg.  He really, and I mean really loves my sister!!  He licks her face off all the time!  We visit her at her house and he won't get 2 feet from her.

We got the sidewalk and front porch all swept free of those gorgeous leaves. We re-adjusted all our pumpkins.  Then we hung on the front door a fave. Pumpkin Girl doll I made a few years ago.  I got my big witch all positioned in her chair with her lighted candle and we were ready!  Turn on the outside light, and WAIT!

It didn't take long.  They start out slow, then invade all at once! LOL

Its a good thing I had Solly's leash on;  he was quite popular again this year.  Everyone from adults to the smallest Trick or Treaters loved him!
He was having an absolute Blast!  This 1 little bitty girl hung onto his neck for so long, I thought the mommy would have to peel her off him.  He is so gentle.  He stays very still so as not to knock anybody down or hurt anybody.  He keeps his big ole paws on the ground and never does a scary thing.  He lets them pat and pet and ooo and aww over him all they want! LOL 

When the Treaters were dried up, he paced in front of the glass door and whined, voicing his need for more! LOL

All the kids were having a blast and somebody had made sure they all were very well dressed Halloween fans!  I couldn't believe all the super cute costumes!
I have to say my fave. was the candy corn witch costume.  I actually was quite envious!
Then again the girl with the unicorn suit was really cute, too.  She was a bit older and wore a complete pale pink body suit with a headband with furry white ears and a unicorn horn in the middle.  Wowwww!

I completely regret I didn't get any pictures.  However, if you see this dog and an overwhelmed owner surrounded by Trick or Treaters on Facebook or a Blog, don't be surprised!  We, err, Solly, had his pic taken several times by different parents!

Hope you enjoyed your Halloween!  I have some projects that didn't quite get finished that I'll be safely stowing away for next year!

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