Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Quilt made by Carla!

Here I was, complaining and look what it led me to!  An old friend of mind, Carla's blog! 

Dancing Moon Blog She recently made this fun and whimsical quilt and I hope she makes many more!!  I love this quilt
This is her first?  Come on! LOL girl, you better make some more!

DANCING MOON: It's For The Birds!!!!!:

Monday, May 20, 2013

New Tablet, New Frustrations!

I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2!  At first I was loving it.  Then the troubles started.  Now I'm so frustrated.  I keep going round and round in circles.
If you think, "Wow!  Why doesn't she just google some help?  HAAA!  Which google do I use, I ask! 
Because suddenly I'm signed up for more than 1 apparently.  And I can't get a fix on any I try.  Was thinking about deleting it all and starting over, but how do I know what is linked to my blog?  Will I be deleting all my hard work?  ACK

There was this cool feature on my tablet:  I could click a little envelope that said email to get to my Yahoo email.  This is the email I've had forever!  Everything is in there!  patterns, contacts, purchases, etsy buyers, etc, the list goes on!
Now, when I click it it tells me that access failed.  If I use the browser to open it up, there hasn't been a new email for days!  But, if I use my laptop to access it, its all good.  Also, I can see I've received a billion messages.  Some related to my Etsy where I sell my handmades.  So, that was 1 reason I got this tablet: to monitor my Etsy shop and yahoo email on the go.  And to read books. 

If all I can do is read books, its 1 hell of an expensive book.

Ok, before my blood pressure goes up anymore, I'll quit.  Thanks for listening and keep me in your thoughts!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

 Hi all!  I'm working on some dolls!  Here are 2 ladybugs I just got listed on my Etsy shop.

Instead of just having 1 thing at a time, I have 4 different things going at once.  If I get tired of sanding, I grab a doll to stuff and so on.  Does anyone else work like this or am I weird?

I really enjoyed working on these 2 dolls.  But, WOW what a bunch of work they were.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Blue Velvet Bunny...Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail!

Here is my 1st effort at a Blue Velveteen Rabbit!  He's just the right size for a shelf, bench, or basket.  Awww I just love bunnies!

I'd found this soft vintage fabric at an antique shop and immediately thought of a blue bunny!  This fabric is a bit silky and not ideal to work with, but very worth it.  The pattern is a Sweet Meadows Farm.

I used some walnut crystal stain to create the soft brown spots.  I loved how they soaked in nice and soft and natural looking. 

I used tea stained muslin for the inside of his droopy ears.  He's kind of a lop eared bunny rabbit.  I made a yellow floral print egg; it's attached to his hand.  Then, I couldn't resist making a little carrot with dried Sweet Annie greens.

You won't be surprised to see I used my vintage (from an antique shop, too) pink pin dot fabric.  I just ripped a strip off and soaked it in stain and made the big bow.  It gives a nice aged appearance.

Here is another project finished and put on my Etsy shop.  This duo is a pattern by Sue Allemand.  This is something I've wanted to make for a long, long time and never got to it.  We all have those patterns, don't we?

Its such a cute stitchery pillow I finished with a woven check fabric from some curtains at a little shop that sold vintage and pre-owned goodies.  And the little muslin rabbit has Pass the Carrots Please stitched on it, along with the face.  His scarf is a strip of light blue fleece. 

I made a few other things from some patterns I've gathered.  I'll show them later.  I'm off the make a few things I've had commissioned.  If I don't stay productive, I can get into mischief!  *snicker*

Wishing you Great fun creating!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Been Busy With Sewing!

I've been making some Mossy Oak clutch purses.  They are so fun and the perfect size for shopping or a quick run somewhere.  They hold your money, cards, keys, cell, inhaler and lipgloss!!  What more do you need? 

The first one has orange bandana fabric for the lining and the strap.  They both have magnetic closure.  The second clutch has pink bandana fabric for the lining and the crossbody strap.  These are the only ones I put in my Etsy shop.

  Here are some more dolls I put in my Etsy shop.  These 3 dolls are seed bag dolls.  They can hang or tuck or be bowl fillers.  Here they are hanging in their seed bags.  I used old faded, stained fabric and some vintage reproduction fabrics, too.  They are Primitively sweet!

Two have lightly penciled facial features.  I stitched the other doll's face, giving her a sculpted nose.

This is a set of 3 small prairie dolls.  Dolly on the left has a worn, stained piece of old quilt for an apron.

Visit my shop to see the other Summer and Americana goodies!  I have more coming soon!

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