Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Dolls

Awww Autumn!  What's not to love?  The very air, at least when no one is burning! is wonderful, crisp and nutty!
All the colors and the decorations catch your eye as you go past.
I absolutely adore pumpkins and gourds and mums adorning the outside of houses.
I was like a child at the pumpkin patch.  I know they thought I was "special".  They had all the pumpkins and gourds grouped in colors and sizes.  I had told myself I was going for white pumpkins of all sizes and shapes, be it ugly or perfect. 
I should have known better; I love all the colors and must have a sampling of all!!
I did get a white pumpkin for outside, though.  Now my boys are grown, perhaps I won't have to keep an ear out at night worrying some heathen will smash a pumpkin for fun!  Everytime Solly, my dog, does even a growl, I'm popping up at the window checking.
Right now I'm waiting on some batting to make more bags.  They've become quite popular recently, more than ususal.
So, I've had time to make a couple more Fall dolls!  Halloween dolls!!
And, here they are!  They are all listed on my Etsy!

I hope your Autumn is going wonderfully!  Get ready for Halloween! 

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