Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little Button Annie Mama and Baby

Hello all! Its me, I'm back again! LOL Gone forever and suddenly I'm posting twice in 1 day! I've gotta pace myself, huh? But I have so much to say and show you! This cutie is Cute as a Button Annie by Happy Heart Patterns. You can find all her wonderful patterns here:

I made her for a swap in the IPDM Group. Linda said she loved her! This was her first Annie doll shes ever owned. Annie has buttons sewn on her dress and a button necklace. She took me awhile to make because I was sick, but I hope she was worth the wait to Linda.
This is her by herself and then I made a baby for her since it was a Mama and Baby swap.

I made the baby's necklace with mini buttons. She's a mini replica of her Mama I drew up. I had fun making the necklaces, too. Now, I need to buy some more buttons!! hehehe Here are the dolls Linda sent me. She has an accompanying story that goes with her about 9/11. They are very cool dolls! I think Linda has some furbabies because my dog Sol absolutely loves them! He gets to sniffing all over and won't leave them alone!

Linda also sent me this wonderful Birthday tag she embroidered and a handsome little wool pumpkin. Thanks Linda! What a great swap!

I've not signed up for any more swaps, as I've been working on some commissions. That's the trouble with showing off your wares; people want to buy them! *sigh* Oh, well! Talk to you soon!
Mary Jo

Goodies and Swaps Report!

More Birthday Tags to show off!
Yes there are more! 2 more to be exact! I received them earlier and am just now showing you! This one is from lovely Laura Ann. Shes made me a very sweet princess Birthday Tag and I love it!

Linda sent me this embroidered Annie Happy Birthday tag! Isn't she sweet? I'm a huge fan of Annie!

Carla, who is as sweet as it gets, sent me this gorgeous red fq, red floss, vintage quilt kitty cut out, and last but definitely not least, Annie tag!! woooHoooo! I will be using this floss and fabric to complete my Redwork Stitchery Challenge, "Annie in the Garden". Which reminds me, I really need to get a move on! LOL As always I've found myself to be behind! Argh!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Howdy! I'm Updating!!

Here is the pincushion I made for Heather in the String and Prim pinnie swap in International Prim Doll Makers group I belong to. I made her out of a design I drew up. The flash doesn't give the correct colour or degree of grunginess! lol Heather liked her! The fabric used on her dress is some vintage fabric I picked up in an antique store. I love that type of dolly.

Here is the Orange/Purple pinnie I received from Patti. I think its gorgeous and have used in it a display for Halloween. I love Halloween and Autumn themed fabric. I don't have access to a fabric shop close by, but have to travel 2 hours to get to one. Thanks Wal-Mart for a stupid reason for removing the craft/fabric department after you ran all the Mom and Pop stores out of business! Grrrrrrr! Don't get me started! LOL

I wanted to apologize for taking such a long time to post again! I've been sick with a cold(?) for quite a while and can't get rid of it. I hear quite a few people have had this. Starts out as allergies and works its way into your chest for some lingering bronchitis that is killer. I've had it for so long. And as I'm typing this, coughing and coughing. I won't go into any more details!! LOL Hopefully I'll be well again and caught up with every one's blogs! I have lots of reading to do! Bye for now!

Mary Jo
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