Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Selling, Sewing and Selling More!

I've been so blessed with all the sales I've had recently.  Thanks go out to everyone for all their encouragement and support.

Sewing and crafting means so much to me.  It helps me relax and gives me a sense of accomplishment.  I make things I want and like myself.  That other folks actually will pay money for it is just an added bonus!  It thrills me to think someone is going to love my creations!

Recently, through Etsy and personal experience, too, I've had the pleasure of meeting some very wonderful people interested in my creations.  All of the compliments and appreciation given to me frankly overwhelmed me and I've found myself actually tearing up.

I sold some rag dolls, to my excitement, to a nice lady in England.  She said my rag dolls are endearing, have the "it factor" and are a bit magical, and are quirky! Wowee very high praises! 

I was told my bags are stunning and I was really gifted!  I can't make them fast enough!  They are sold before I can even list them in my Etsy shop or put in my friend Geri's brick and mortar store.  I keep running out of batting and zippers! LOL

In April, 2 of my ballerina dolls were autioned at a "Ballerina Ball" for a professional ballet company in Naples, Florida.  They included accessories and had letters of authentification (whew type that 3 times fast).  News came back to me that they were well received and both sold, and "ooohs and ahhhhs" were heard.

Also I had a lady in March custom order a snowman doll.  Isn't he adorable?  His outfit is burlap, his scarf and hat is 100% wool (sweater) with a chocolate felt bird cutout, his mittens are cream felt.  He carries cream chenille candycanes and has a bronze tree with a glitter wood star on top!

Thanks everyone!!

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