Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Showing off my Agatha doll and Swap dollies

Here is Agatha, so sweet and Prim! Victoria, from the doll group I belong to, made Agatha for me and swapped for Annie Valentine doll swap. This was her first grungy doll and I think she did a wonderful job! Agatha sits on my bookcase with some other dollies. I just love her to bits!!

The Valentine doll(s) I made went to Janene.

These were so fun to make. It was a set and the biggest doll had "Valentine Friends" stitched on the apron. The little dolls are My Raggedy Dolls patterns for Belindy and Annie. The bigger doll I just kinda made. Janene loved them.

Doll Making is one of the most pleasureable thing to do for me. I'd make dolls every day if I could!!! You can get so creative with the little dresses and stitching on faces and hair. Funnnn fun fun!

Check out these fun dolls I made for a challenge. This is a pattern by Stella of Dolls on Parade. Her link is on the side bar ---------> hehe!!
This pair was the first doll making I've done! Stella got me hooked!! Their names are Toddy and Mee and they sit on an itty bitty couch with throw cushions! When I was baking that couch in the oven, I was lovin' how it browned up! LOL Everyone should make this pair of dollies!! They are sooooooo adorable!

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Are You Ready for July 4th?

Pics above and at right show an Americana Rabbit Door Doll with American Flag hangs on my front door. Now, that's what I call showing your American spirit! Especially with July 4Th fast approaching. This pattern by Becky Erickson will not disappoint you if you try it; her patterns are always great! If you go to her site, http://www.tennesseeridgeprimitives.com, you will be amazed at all the Americana patterns she has. I love the extreme prim look she does.

Also pictured, shown in my chipped and rusted enamelware pan: little flag pillows, Uncle Sammies, firecrackers, burgundy white and navy pip berry spray, pick with cream and burgundy pip berries and rusty stars and a tea stained 13-star flag.

Uncle Sams were done from a Crows Roost Prims pattern. So unique and original!! Sure to put a big grin on every one's faces, they are fun to make and grungy up! I made 1 for my boss at work, too!

The flag pillows were based on Nanny Goat Primitives pattern. I used a smaller stripe red ticking than called for, denim and buttons instead of navy star fabric. Grungy tags with "Freedom" "Old Flag" and "July 4Th" on them attached with a rusty safety pin and bell. All grungied up and smelling good!

My firecrackers I just winged it using grungy patriotic fabric with twine fuses, wrapped in grungy cheesecloth and a round "USA" tag.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

All my pinnies I've received from Group PC Swap

Look at my new slideshow! Awesome! I've let you know who made each one in their titles!

I belong to International Primitive Doll Makers Group on Yahoo! Not everyone signed up, but those that did are having a blast giving and received these jewels! Some of the gals created their own without using patterns and some bought patterns or used ones they had. We give/receive each month using a theme assigned to that month. It really uses your brain power to think what that particular person would like and how you can use that to fit the theme. Fun fun fun!!

I'll be adding another slideshow soon on some other pincushions I've either made for others, myself or someone has given to me. My philosophy is; you can never have too many pinnies!! I actually use each and everyone of them, too!

Pincushion patterns are 1 of the kind I collect. I have oodles and gobs. Speaking of which, I need to go work on one now to get it in the mail ASAP!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Deal with Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Why Mary Mary Quite Contrary? You ask, wellll. Its easy. It seems everywhere I work co-workers always get around to calling me that after they get to know me. Some even sing the song as a greeting! My reply to it is always, "I prefer Mary had a little lamb."
Now, I don't really think this says, HEY! You are contrary, Mary! But, then again, I remember my sisters calling me that growing up, too! Soooo. Actually 1 place I worked, I was known as Mary Sunshine. That was because there was already a Mary there when I started and they called her Mary Darkness after I got there. Hmmmm! Something to ponder.
Changing the subject, though! I have 2 dolls to show you. I used the pattern by Jhoanna Monte Aranez at http://oneredrobin.com/ for her Ruby dolls. They are for 2 of my sisters I should be seeing tomorrow at my little sis's House Party for Oscar Meyer Weiner. It might be cancelled, but ooops! I didn't get notified so I'll be showing up anyway. (There is that contrary thing rearing its ugly head I see.) hehehe!!
Doll making is very fun to me. Even if I make pretty dolls instead of Prim dolls which I prefer! These were fun because I got to use wool, which I'm crazy about, and mix and match fabrics, which I'm very crazy about. One day while antiquing in my favourite shop, I found oodles and gobs of fabric I loved!!! Good or bad? Both!! Because if I ever go to rehab, it'll be because I've got so much fabric its become a health hazard!! LOL Seriously! On that trip I picked up some vintage pink dotted swiss! Yeah!! And a bag of vintage lace! Yeah!! So my little sis whose fav colour is pink got that Ruby. I had a red fq from my friend Carla (waving Hi at her) I got in a swap with her! Yeah! I coordinated it with the Mary Engelbreit cherries fabric and tulle! Fun Fun!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Opening up a new world!

Hey, this is me!! Haha, no actually its a doll I made! I made her, I call her Snow Pretty, a few months ago. For myself. Awww, really it was for someone else, but as I fall in love with every doll I make, she ended up on the coffee table in my living room ever since! She is sewn from a pattern by the amazing Karen Nieforth from R&K Creations. Frostina Winter Snow Doll if memory serves. Very nice pattern and so many options for the dress and accessories! I use her for my identity.

I pour over so many blogs I decided to start one up myself as an experiment. Plus, I thought it might save me some time, letting everyone know all the time what was going on and who I'd sent pics to. That gets exhausting! So, all you avid bloggers, please be patient with me! I'm rusty at writing! Also, don't hate me 'cause I brag all the time about what amazing thing I've done lately. I'm not an ego-maniac, but just in awe everytime I do something great! LMAO!!

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