Saturday, September 26, 2009

Annie Redwork I've Done

These are the Annie in the Garden Redwork I've sent out to the ladies. Some I forgot to take pics of before posting and I had to get copies, so they aren't all the same size and view. I'm so anxious to start on my quilt! And then to start on more quilt blocks! It never ends! LOL

Mary Jo


Annie in the Garden Quilt Blocks

Here is the Annie in the Garden quilt blocks I've received so far. I'm waiting for one more block and a fat quarter, then I can start creating a quilt or something similar. All of them came from different ladies and each is very unique. I love every one of them! I'll be tea staining them soon, in readiness. I sent out 7 blocks myself, to different ladies. This is going to be interesting to see the different creations from each one. I love Redwork!! I have so many projects waiting for me to begin. So many different things on my to-do list! LOL I'm sure everyone else is the same.
Mary Jo

Friday, September 25, 2009

Things to Show OFF!

Now everyone can finally see the cute Halloween Pin Keep I made for Patti in my group pc swap! The theme was purple and orange! This pattern is by Threadbare Primitives. I just love this Pin Keep!! I didn't find the purple silky fabric hard to deal with, either. I loved all the stitchery involved. Patti says she loves it! Yeah!
In the mail I received another wonderful Birthday Tag!! Whoopeee! Isn't it beautiful? Thanks so much Jessie! I love it!! I'm hanging it up with my other Birthday Tags! What a treat!

That's the great thing about belonging to a group! You get to join whatever swaps you want! I love getting pressies! Here is my latest Annie in the Garden Redwork. These are from Stella! Gorgeous stitches, Stella. I think she knows a thing or two about it, huh? LOL I'll explain all about that swap, soon and show off all my Redwork I've received from so many talented gals.

And last but not least, my huge surprise!! I won, I won, I won!!! LOL I never win, but I did this time! Here is my awesome pattern I won from the remarkable AwtemNymf's Raggedy Ann Birthday Party Blog! Yes, that's right! I won the Raggedy Old Annies pattern Birthday Girl Annie! Yup! Isn't it great?! I'm gathering supplies to make her as we speak! LOL Thanks so much everyone involved! Its very generous of you!

I've got more posts up my sleeves! I want to show everyone what I'm doing to a few items in my sewing room, so stay tuned....

Mary Jo

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Maggie Mae in the Pumpkin Patch

This is Maggie Mae, a new doll I bought with my Birthday $$! Isn't she a beauty? She's sitting on a shelf in my sewing room with a couple of pumpkins I've made to make a scarecrow with.

This is the second doll I've bought from this lady. Her dolls just speak to me!
As you can see, my sewing room isn't Prim. I have lots of Prim things in it. But the walls are 2 shades of blue and has a really nice chair rail border. *sigh* This was my youngest's former room. We had decorated his room as a beach theme with blue skies! He loved lighthouses. It is a very pretty room! In fact, if we could have wiggled our noses and this theme transferred to his new room magically, that would have been perfect! I even made tab top draperies for all the windows. If I even mention doing anything with this room, I have 2 men ready to pitch a fit! I would have liked to take up the carpet and expose the hardwood underneath. Then I could paint the walls, sans border. Totally redo the windows and ceiling fan, light fixtures, etc. That just wears me out thinking about it. Not the work, thats the easy part. Its the convincing of dh and ds that wears me out. So, I'll just keep it the way it is. These guys are so sentimental! Who knew? Good thing I love blue!

Mary Jo

Thursday, September 17, 2009

From My Friends

Here are some Birthday Tags I received from IPDM Yahoo! Group I belong to. The first one is from Kristine in Georgia. Very creative! See how she started the message on the front and continued it to the back? Very lovely. Thanks Kristine!!

This Birthday Tag is from Val in South Australia. So sweet! I love all the little embellishments on it! The ribbons are vintage or antique looking. I'll have to ask her where she found them! Thanks Val!!

This one is from Heather. Beautiful!! I love all the purple, pink and gold! I have no idea how she affixed that dragonfly at the top. It is very cool!

I've been slow to post as I'm attempting to finish up some swaps I am in. I can't wait until Heather receives her pinnie from me! I hope she loves it! When she's got it, I'll post a pic. The theme was Prim and String. Hmmmm! I love a challenge!!
Right now I'm finishing up a pinnie for Patti. The theme is Purple and Orange. Can you say Halloween!! I love Halloween!! And as soon as she's received it, I'll post a piccie!!
Then, I'll be working on my last swap I'm in. That is a Mama & baby doll swap for Val. Then you'll get a peek at that, too! LOL Sorry you have to wait each time; don't want to spoil any surprises!!


Mary Jo

Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Happy Birthday to ME! This is my Birthday pic this year, hence the sparkly Happy Birthday tiara! My Birthday was September 9th, 2009 or 09/09/09!
I had a great one this year;
  1. slept late
  2. dh fixed me breakfast: veggie omelet and cinnamon toast
  3. lazed around talking with dh
  4. 2 of my sisters took me to lunch at a good restaurant
  5. went to the Antique Mall with dh to spend my Birthday loot! And, boy did I!!
  6. had ice cream and strawberries at mil's with her and her hubby (picked up more loot!) ;p
  7. had homemade lasagna and brownies and ice cream for dessert!
  8. opened up another present from my youngest son; Bath and Body Works!!!
  9. lolled around on the couch complaining of full tummy until I fell asleep!
Yeah for me! Had a great Birthday and was spoiled rotten!! I also got some fab cards from everyone which I'll display in my sewing room for about a month or so!! And in between 1 and 9 chatted with the Yahoo! Group and got Happy Birthdays from all! I also have received 3 Birthday tags so far from the gals in Group!! I'll post those pics next!

Mary Jo
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Happy Happy!! Happy Birthday to Raggedy Ann!

WOOO hoooooooo!!

Its Raggedy Ann's Birthday! Everyone give a HooT! for the Birthday Girl!!
My Raggedy Ann dollies are dear to me. I've got to say... I have truly loved Raggedy Ann my entire life.
Sitting from left to right above, I'll start by telling you about Agatha. Agatha was from a swap I participated in from the Yahoo! group I belong to, International Prim Doll Makers or IPDM. Victoria sent me this special dolly. Agatha was Victoria's very first Prim doll to make. She did a wonderful job! She has a pet crow with her! I love her! Thanks again Victoria!! *hugs*
Next we have the first extreme Primitive doll I have ever had, from Sue of Rabbit Hallow Primitives who is also in IPDM. Oooo!! Isn't she gorgeous?! I love her wool hair-do and her sheep in the pocket around her neck! Sue stitched BAA on the pocket!
I made the sweetie next to her. She is Belinda and Her Bee Necklace, a pattern by Susan Dean of Threadbare Primitives. Her Bee is made of clay. I loved making her!
Next is a pincushion Raggedy Ann doll from Kathy of She is such a sweetie with her pretty cherry fabric! Very squeezable and huggable!

I'm having so much fun checking out everyone's blogs who are celebrating Raggedy Ann's Birthday today! Come to the party! You won't be sorry! The button to get there is to the right------------------>>> at the top! Come on! You don't wanna miss out of getting a cupcake! LOL

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Prim Belindy and Annie

Look!! Its good friends Belindy and Annie!!

I have a new link at the top of my sidebar for the 2009 Raggedy Ann Birthday Blog Party! Everyone who loves Annie and her friends should really check it out! Its going to be sooooo much fun!! Just click on the pic!

I've been a long time lover of everything Raggedy Ann. This pic that I've posted is of a Belindy and Annie set that I made using a pattern by My Raggedy Dolls She also has a blog at
They were so little and sweet. I made them for Janene who is in the Yahoo group I belong to for a Valentines Day swap! I had to give them a kiss and gently shove them in the box while I looked away, a tear going down my cheek. *sigh* hehehe! I know Janene loved them! I love Julie of My Raggedy Dolls Halloween Annies, too! Check them out!

Mary Jo

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