Monday, August 17, 2009

Look Who has Invaded My Sewing Room!!

Ack!! Who goes there? I took this pic of my son, Matt, who is 23, when he invaded my sewing room last week. See the pencil behind his ear? I had to shoo him outta there! He was talking and texting and driving me up a tree while I was trying to sew. hehehe If he would have volunteered to help in there, that would be different! He was looking for something to eat. Hello? The kitchen is thattaway!! No food but fake in here. He has a positively onery smile on his face! Its a cute pic, because behind him on either side you can see my dollies. On the left is a doll CR, from the Yahoo Group I belong to, made me. On the right is the doll Sue, also from group, of Rabbit Hollow Prims made me.

I'm lucky in that I have a room dedicated to my sewing and crafting. I have 2 big tables at a 90 degree angle with my computer, printer, sewing machine and craft supplies. I also have an armoire, chest of drawers, small bookcase, large bookcase and various shelves. All that along with a closet and still I don't have enough room! LOL Can there ever be enough space for all our creativeness, though?

I really don't mind visitors in my sewing room, even if they are 6'4" and he's my short one! Tall boy, my 16 year old son, is 6'7" + and growing! I'll have to spiff it up soon and take a pic for everyone. Its nothing special, but I call it mine!! ;-)


Mary Jo

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carla said...

Mary Jo!!!! Most women would gladly grab him something to eat!!!! Hee hee!!!! I love your owl and moon!!!!!!

Mary Jo said...

Thanks Carla! He is a big baby! LOL Seems like yesterday he was itty bitty! They grow soooo fast!
Mary Jo

PrimHollow said...

My goodness, what a cutie! My lil sis would be smitten. I'm surprised living in So. Illinois as well that she hasn't ran into him..haha.

Mary Jo said...

LOL Thanks Brittany Jo! He even had bed-head!

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