Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter Pics for Looking Pleasure

Hello All!
This is my "big comeback"!  LOL  Here are some goodies I've made this year and last and year before.  Credits to follow.  I just wanted to get these posted, and time has slipped by for me today!


carla (http://dancingmoon-carla.blogspot.com/) said...

Hi!!!! You sure know how to do a come back!!!! Love it all and love your banner and background!!!! Love the chicks and bunnies!!!! So sweet and prim!!!! hugs

MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

Aww thanks Carla! It was work, but this blog was a mess! Still have bunches to do, but its a start!
Thank you so much for your compliments. I just did the chicks last week. I adore them! They're lots of work, but worth every minute! Big hugs!

Heth said...

Hi MJ, great looking prims, just love those chicks!!

MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

Hi Heather! Thanks for the compliments. I recommend making some chicks for this spring!! Love'em! What have you been doing?

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