Monday, February 25, 2013

Blue Velvet Bunny...Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail!

Here is my 1st effort at a Blue Velveteen Rabbit!  He's just the right size for a shelf, bench, or basket.  Awww I just love bunnies!

I'd found this soft vintage fabric at an antique shop and immediately thought of a blue bunny!  This fabric is a bit silky and not ideal to work with, but very worth it.  The pattern is a Sweet Meadows Farm.

I used some walnut crystal stain to create the soft brown spots.  I loved how they soaked in nice and soft and natural looking. 

I used tea stained muslin for the inside of his droopy ears.  He's kind of a lop eared bunny rabbit.  I made a yellow floral print egg; it's attached to his hand.  Then, I couldn't resist making a little carrot with dried Sweet Annie greens.

You won't be surprised to see I used my vintage (from an antique shop, too) pink pin dot fabric.  I just ripped a strip off and soaked it in stain and made the big bow.  It gives a nice aged appearance.

Here is another project finished and put on my Etsy shop.  This duo is a pattern by Sue Allemand.  This is something I've wanted to make for a long, long time and never got to it.  We all have those patterns, don't we?

Its such a cute stitchery pillow I finished with a woven check fabric from some curtains at a little shop that sold vintage and pre-owned goodies.  And the little muslin rabbit has Pass the Carrots Please stitched on it, along with the face.  His scarf is a strip of light blue fleece. 

I made a few other things from some patterns I've gathered.  I'll show them later.  I'm off the make a few things I've had commissioned.  If I don't stay productive, I can get into mischief!  *snicker*

Wishing you Great fun creating!


Linda said...

Very cute finishes...I need to start making some bunnies...I have I need to get busy!

MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

Thanks Linda! I always have ideas! LOL

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