Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Come into my Parlor...

Black Widow Spider

"Come into my parlor ..." said the spider to the fly.  Cue scary music.  This spider was so fun to make.  Thanks goes to Brenda Sanker/The Vintage Polka Dot for making this pattern available.  Its a keeper.  Thanks also goes to my wonderful DH for making the base and stand.  He also is my craft critic.  I made 2 and they are 13 inches and 16 inches respectively, from base to signage.

                         The Batty Boys

These vampire bats are grungied to the extreme and quite scary with their fangs.  They are a Chestnut Junction pattern.  I made 3 of these.  Despite how they look, they smell good, too!  *snicker*

Hallows Eve Scarecrow

My scarecrows are so spooky!  OoooOoo!!  Made of grunged burlap and sticks from the yard Mr. Scary is on the J.O.B.!  He's been stuffed with moss, decorated with Sweet Annie and has some friendly crows keeping him company!  He has a Jack O'Lantern head made of muslin, painted, sanded and stained with features stitched out of floss.  His sign is made of muslin, also stitched with floss, and reads, "Hallows Eve".  Even though he's grungied and dirty looking, he smells of cinnamon.  Made from a pattern by Dee Duncan.

Anyone interested in purchasing any goodies from me, please e-mail me at fbigirlie@yahoo.com for details.  I'm in the process of choosing an Artisan Directory to join, so stay tuned.

Mary Jo a/k/a Mary Mary Quite Contrary


carla (http://dancingmoon-carla.blogspot.com/) said...

Cute!!! Cute!!! Cute!!! You are getting into the Spirit of Halloween!!!! Fun!!!! I am trying to get going on it too!!!!! hugs

MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

Aw thanks Carla! I'm having a blast with Halloween creations. I'm surrounded by them right now! You get into the Halloween creating and you'll see what I mean! Please post what you make so I can looky. Hugs

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