Thursday, May 19, 2011

As Requested, Stories Behind the Pics

Hello!!  I've been bombarded (you know who you are!) with requests to explain some of the baby pics in my Header/Banner.  So, here it is!  Those of you who don't really care, just suffer through it!  LOL  Sorry!

1) Our backyard swingset; loved that slide!
2) My second Birthday, Mom always made me a lamb cake, which I totaly loved, and another which she decorated very pretty with colours and writing.
3)Driving my car with a rag dolly, wearing my Heidi dress
4) Mom holding newborn me after I was release from the hospital weeks after being born.  My older sister Peggy was totally loving her little sis.
5) This is me at the back door with my limb challenged dolly.  The limbs were always falling off and Dad had to repair her constantly, but as you can see, I loved her anyway!
6) Holding Dolly while sitting on the living room couch.  This is one of the few times she has clothes on!
7) Here are my Birthday presents on my second Birthday.  That doll buggy was known to give every neighborhood cat a ride at sometime.  I was the Kitty Whisperer.  And, of course, my popcorn popper noise maker!  Didn't everyone have one of those?
8) On my 1st Birthday with the cake. Who's arm was that?
9)  Layed out on the table for a powdering and diaper after my bath!  See the cute puppy diaper stacker?
10) Looking Hollywood with Mom's glasses on!
11) More of me on the swingset; Mom said it was windy and chilly out, but I insisted
12) I was holding 2 fingers up, because I went around telling everybody, no matter what age, that I would be 2 and big in September.
13) Getting a bath in the little enamel basin.  You can see how small I was, comparing Mom's hand and arm on the left, and Peggy's on the right
14) Me and Peggy in the pool.  Doesn't she look so Esther Williams in that suit and bathing cap?
15) Studio pic of me wearing a very soft pink dress.  I didn't have hair, so Mom always taped a ribbon bow on my head.
16) Climbing the end table while Peggy watched.  Mom said I was always climbing something like a monkey, using my toes.
17) Studio pic of me a bit older than the last one.
18) Studio pic of me at about 3 years old.
19) Little sissy Jennifer with the light blonde hair and me with our long dresses on.  Mom and Dad took us to see Big Bird, who we loved.
20) Me as Alice in Wonderland on a fall float.  It was so very cold and windy, I convinced them to let me put on a sweater.  Totally ruined the look, though! You can see the Mad Hatter and the Hare at the tea party.
21) Kindergarten school photo when I was 4
22) 1st grade school photo
23) We were at the park.  Mom in the background looking very Hollywood, my cousin David who was a year older than me and me, of course!

And there you have it!  I cherish my pics.  When you look at them, they bring back so many memories.  Please be sure to preserve your precious pictures.

Now, if I can work DH's camera, I'll download pics of what I've been working on and share!


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