Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When She Was a Baby...

Hello Everyone!!

I hope everyone had a marvelous Easter.  I've been so busy I didn't get a chance to blog!  Of course, mine was great; spending time with my little family always is.  Son #1 is afloat in a vessel in the Middle East, so he wasn't with us.  We did talk to him, so that was great!

Now about the collage in the banner.  Folks, here you have it, Mary Mary Quite Contrary as she started out in life.  Now, I ask you, "Do I look contrary to you?"  hehehe!  I was tiny, born 3 months premature, at 3 1/2 ounces.  Lived in the incubater for weeks until I developed my baby lungs.  Ahhh life was good, as the teeny tiny baby with a will to survive.  Then (Da da DAAAA!)  My damn sister was born! LMAO  Three years later, that is.  Now you know why I'm contrary!  I'm a middle child!  Oh, wouldn't it been nice to be spoiled?
Shame on me, I'm 43 yo and still complaining!

Bad news and good news. 
Bad news 1st:  My sewing/primitive/pincushion/embroidery group I belonged to was closed. Waaaaaaaaah!!  Just like my arm was wacked off!  Very shocking!!
Now, good news:  The Group Mama teamed up with a gal and started a new group!!!  Yeah!  My arm has magically re-appeared.
Been working on some goodies and will post pics soon on those.  I'm just living life to the fullest, greatful for everything I have, etc.  Gotta stop to think about that every day, so as not to let the whining of others about how bad things are, to get me down.
Big Hugs Followers!!


Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

I love your picture collage! I had to take a second look at the one with you holding the broken baby doll :-0 Glad you have a new group to go to!!

MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

Thanks so much Jennifer! I loved that dolly, didn't matter when her legs and arms fell off! LOL

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