Friday, July 31, 2009

Great Finds from the Antique Malls

Hello everyone!

Who loves going to Antique Malls? I do! Me me me! I can't get enough of it! Here are some finds I've picked up recently.

1) box made of mahogany, primly painted

2) short dark brown crock

3) red-trimmed white enamel ware cup

4) strawberry baskets

5) old wooden spoons

6) tin molds

If anyone can tell me what this box is for, I'd sure appreciate it! Here is a little-known fact about me. I love wood!!! LOL O.K. I know, I know, but really. This is made of mahogany, a very rich looking wood. Its very well made, dovetailed corners. And if you know mahogany, its heavy, warp-proof and smooth. My husband suggested it was a tissue box holder, but don't those usually have a slit in the top and fit over the box? hmm I will be, of course, using it any ole way I want to.
The possibilities are endless what can be done with these! A little birdie told me I will shortly be inheriting a crock pitcher and a ceramic chicken cookie jar, both items old! I've admired these 2 items every time I go to my mil's and shes thinning down some of her kitchen things right now. Guess who benefits?! Moi! *giggle*

Close-up! Look how perfect those spoons are! I had been cultivating some old spoons. I guess dh decided they looked too yucky to use anymore and threw them out. Took me awhile to notice, but once again, I explained the primitive process to him! Ack! He'll never get it! LOLYou might not be able to see the chippy-ness on the enamel ware cup, but its perfect, too! The molds are perfectly primitive, too! They are old ones. I can make some pin cushions or make-dos.

Isn't this little basket sweet? It looks like a mini laundry basket I used, when I was a girl, to hang out my granny's linens! Couldn't resist this! The wooden spools were a must have, too! I'm beginning to amass quite the collection of old sewies! See the needle packages? Very cool! Of course, when I see old trimmings like crochet lace, I grab it quick! LOL These 3 lengths are so gorgeous!

Check out my long john basket! What a coup! Its darker in person. That is 2 flower picks in it, red and white. I had to stretch up on tippy toes to hang it on the S hook, so the flowers didn't get fluffed. I'm too short! HA! Tall-boy, as I sometimes call my youngest son, was off somewhere and I didn't want to wait for him to get back to get these pics!
Now, to get busy and get my kitchen remodelling done so I can start decorating it up! Then, I'll start on my family room. Pray for my husband... he's gonna need it! bwahahahhaha!!
Cya later!
Mary Jo

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carla said...

Hee hee!!! Mary Jo!!!! Will pray for all the good hubbies who can live with us through all the prim and umproper!!!!! Love your Witch!!!
I love Halloween and decorating for it!!!! I have more fun than the kids!!!!! hugs carla

Mary Jo said...

You got that right, Carla! Its fun to decorate for Halloween. I'd amassed quite a load of decorations and decided to get rid of some, so I had a little haybale I donated to Good will. hehe. Thats it. Thats all I could get rid of! hehehehe!! Besides, it was making a hay-mess! Huggies, Mary Jo

carla said...

Hee hee sounds like me, I like to keep my stuff especially decorations and dolls!!!!!
I could get rid of easter grass, so maybe I couldhv gotten rid of a hay bale!!!!! But you never know when you might need it for something!!!!

carla said...

Droped in to see what you were up too!!!! Hee hee!!!! Can't wait to see what you are doing!!!! hugs carla

Mary Jo said...

Hi Carla! I'm finishing up a little witch today. Waiting for her broom and cheesecloth to dry, then I'm starting on a hoot owl! I have a friend who'd love an owl!
Mary Jo

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