Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer-time Prims from last Summer!

This was on a table last summer in the living room. They say "Summer" to me. The table runner I sewed using a panel from a Debbie Mumm fabric. Its a reversible as you can see, showing in the pic was the other side!
Garden Gathering Annie and her veggies is a Dirty Crow Inn pattern, but the website is now. She also, of course, sells her patterns at PatternMart, too. The fabric for her dress was another vintage fabric find (and no, I'm not telling you where! I'm too greedy!). I just love her little veggies! My friend Heather made a holder like a hammock, hmmm, not sure what they're called! If anyone knows, let me know! It hangs around her Annie's neck she made and carries the veggies. I'd really like to make my Annie 1! Heather's blog is and you can see her Gardening Annie there. I just love how different people using the same pattern can make something so unique to themselves.
Belinda and her Bee Necklace is 1 of the Threadbare Primitives patterns I have. I've been meaning to make the bee critter doll. Mark that on my to-do list! *snicker* I have a real obsession with anything bees!! Which brings me to the bee I made. Can you see it? Its on the handle of the watering can! Can't recall what pattern the bee came from! Hmm! It sure is a cute lil critter, though! Sometimes I find it in places it wasn't placed by me. Like, sayyyyy, the kitchen table! Or on the toaster! Or on a candle! LOL Who knows who is doing this, but the dog, Solomon, and he isn't talkin'!!
My cheese box is full of cone flowers, watermelon chunks, crows and old grasses. These Spring Bowl Fillers are from a pattern by Wilma's Wimzees. Her pattern came from Patternmart; I couldn't find it on her site, She has a blog You should visit her, too! She has this Americana Wall Pocket w/ Eagle for sale on the sidebar and its gorgeous! This is something you can have up year-round! Very nice. Oh, I almost forgot to mention this. I made a bouquet of the coneflowers, ungrungied, and put them in a canning jar. I used paint and painted the inside of the jar, tied some homespun around the top into a bow, and made a tag. What do you think?

Soon I'll be making up some more primitives. You can bet it will include some bees!

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carla said...

Love it all Mary Jo!!!!! Looks Great and lots of info!!!!! You have made and recieved some
wonderful dollies and prims!!!!! huggies carla

Heth said...

Looking good Mary Jo..... My Annie's veg holder is just a strip of stained cheesecloth tied round her neck, easy peasy!! I have still to make her some

BTW... have a great July 4th

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