Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Prim Belindy and Annie

Look!! Its good friends Belindy and Annie!!

I have a new link at the top of my sidebar for the 2009 Raggedy Ann Birthday Blog Party! Everyone who loves Annie and her friends should really check it out! Its going to be sooooo much fun!! Just click on the pic!

I've been a long time lover of everything Raggedy Ann. This pic that I've posted is of a Belindy and Annie set that I made using a pattern by My Raggedy Dolls
http://myraggedydolls.com. She also has a blog at http://www.myraggedydolls.blogspot.com/
They were so little and sweet. I made them for Janene who is in the Yahoo group I belong to for a Valentines Day swap! I had to give them a kiss and gently shove them in the box while I looked away, a tear going down my cheek. *sigh* hehehe! I know Janene loved them! I love Julie of My Raggedy Dolls Halloween Annies, too! Check them out!

Mary Jo

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carla said...

They are very cute!!!!!! I know Janene must love them!!!! I love Julie's dolls and patterns too!!!! They are fun!!!! The RA Bday
blog party sounds like lots of fun!!!! Hope everyone will join in!!!!!!

AwtemNymf said...

Cute dolls! Woohoo!! Thanks for putting the Raggedy Ann Blog Party button on your blog. I've got you entered in the "Button" Give-Away drawing!

ancient one said...

We came to the party too.. come to visit us...


AwtemNymf said...

I enjoyed my visit! Nice collection! Thanks for celebrating with me :O)
Raggedy Hugs!

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