Friday, September 25, 2009

Things to Show OFF!

Now everyone can finally see the cute Halloween Pin Keep I made for Patti in my group pc swap! The theme was purple and orange! This pattern is by Threadbare Primitives. I just love this Pin Keep!! I didn't find the purple silky fabric hard to deal with, either. I loved all the stitchery involved. Patti says she loves it! Yeah!
In the mail I received another wonderful Birthday Tag!! Whoopeee! Isn't it beautiful? Thanks so much Jessie! I love it!! I'm hanging it up with my other Birthday Tags! What a treat!

That's the great thing about belonging to a group! You get to join whatever swaps you want! I love getting pressies! Here is my latest Annie in the Garden Redwork. These are from Stella! Gorgeous stitches, Stella. I think she knows a thing or two about it, huh? LOL I'll explain all about that swap, soon and show off all my Redwork I've received from so many talented gals.

And last but not least, my huge surprise!! I won, I won, I won!!! LOL I never win, but I did this time! Here is my awesome pattern I won from the remarkable AwtemNymf's Raggedy Ann Birthday Party Blog! Yes, that's right! I won the Raggedy Old Annies pattern Birthday Girl Annie! Yup! Isn't it great?! I'm gathering supplies to make her as we speak! LOL Thanks so much everyone involved! Its very generous of you!

I've got more posts up my sleeves! I want to show everyone what I'm doing to a few items in my sewing room, so stay tuned....

Mary Jo

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