Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Made a Kitty Kat for Carla

My friend Carla loves cats.  She has a bunch of real kitties, too.  In fact she just got a new kitten and her grandson Jager loves her! 
I originally made a purple and orange Pinkeep for someone else for a swap I was in.  The theme was purple and orange and I spotted this pattern on Threadbare Primitives and had to make it for her.  Before I made it, I showed it to a group of my friends who are constantly wanting to see everything I make.  This lead to commissions for 5 more Kitty Pinkeeps!  To say the least, I got quite comfortable with this pattern and made them in my sleep, too!  LOL
 Mostly I give the things I make as presents or I make them for a swap or challenge for the IPDM Yahoo! Group I'm in.  There are also a bunch of ladies at work I tend to make stuff for because they like certain things or remind me of things I'm making.  I've made Santa ornies, Uncle Sams, firecrackers, owls, witches, etc.  I've had ladies tell me about things they've seen, giving me ideas, and right now I've been planning an angel swag for a lady at work.  I told her I might have to confer with her.  I'd hate to make something grungy prim and shock her socks off!  Prim to 1 person might look like the garbage to another!

Here are some grungy tea lights I made.  I absolutely love them!  I hate to not give credit to whoever put the recipe out there, but I just recalled reading it somewhere and made them.  Next, I want to make some votive lights.  The fact they run on batteries is great.  I'm not too  good at arranging electric cords!

Annie in the Garden

This is the last Annie in the Garden stitchery I was waiting for.  She's gorgeous!  Pauline sent her to me.  Now, I've been planning the quilt I'm making with all my Annie stitcheries.  The first thing I need to do is tea stain all the stitcheries and the muslin and calico I'll be using.  I like to have them stained beforehand.  I think they just look nicer.  So, off I go to plan and prepare!  I've been waiting for this... all year!
Bye now!
Mary Jo

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carla said...

Hee hee!!! I am Carla!!!!!! I got the kitty!!!!
Yaa for me!!!!!! Adorable!!!!! Thanks Mary Jo!!!

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