Monday, November 9, 2009

Troubles, Woe is Me!

I've not been able to fix this blog for sometime now. First I was sick, then overworked, sick again. Dealing with personal problems (see above). Computer fried, setting me to worry; will they be able to save the content of my HD? Using DH Apple and not able to actually be ON the computer for more than a quick 10 minutes and that precious time is used to check email. Sick again (still sick). And now? Something appears to be wrong wrong wrong! I've narrowed down the problem to a few reasons:

  1. I totally forgot how to work this blogger thang
  2. An alien sucked out the part of my brain used to blog.
  3. Something is wrong with Blogger.
  4. My status as a blogger has been reduced to looking, trying and not getting anything done.
  5. I've totally lost it!!
  6. I'm in a longgggg baddddd nightmare!!
I will not give up!! I am woman hear me ROARRRRRRRRRR!
But first, I need some coffee and choccie.
Hope to cya all soon! Throwing kisses and hugs your way!

Mary Jo
Now I'm worn out and will try later. I should say, I have lots to show


carla said...

Yaa Mary Jo!!!! Lots to show!!!! Yaa!!!!
Well I think it is a combination of the alien and the long bad nightmare and I must be in there somewhere too!!!!! Haahaahaa!!!!!So if you see me running around point me towards a hiding spot please!!!!!! huggies

AwtemNymf said...

Hi Mary-
You need a time out with Annie for you! She might make you feel better! :O)
I'd like to invite you to my next Raggedy Blog Event Christmas with Annie. Us Raggedy Gals gotta stick together

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