Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trying to Catch Up!

Well, I might have jumped the gun a bit!  Just a teensy bit!  I can only blog on DH computer.  *sigh*  This means I take pics, dl to my puter, copy to disc, dl to DH puter, fix then post on his puter.  Whew!  I truly wish the freaks who think viruses are fun would come on over so I can punch their lights out!!  I have a technician who promises to work out the kink keeping me from blogging on my puter.  That is after he, DS, gets off work today and does whatever he does after work.  That is my 17 year old.  I made the mistake of asking my 23 year old if he could look at it.  *sigh*  Don't even get me started!  Seriously, you don't want to know!  Okay, I'll give you a brief picture story.  Its too frustrating to actually blog about it!
(This is him trying to sneak away!!  Come back here!)

Finally I get him to actually listen to me.  Wait!  Is this technically listening?  This is what he does ALL the time.  Blackberry!  ACK!

What?  I am too listening!  What is it you need from the store?

Now he's just showing off!  Well, at least he's pretty!  That's about all I can say at this moment...  I'm too frustrated!

So, I wait.  Then I mosey over to DH puter and... What?!!  What stinking password?  I can't ask him as he's in a tree stand somewhere hunting deer!  Can't call him... I know!!  I'll text him.  hehehehe!!  And the rest is history!  What we bloggers with technical difficulties have to go through!  LOL  But, its worth it!

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carla said...

Mary Mary with a computer quite contrary, how does your bloggind and texting go!!!!! hee hee
Me too!!!!! I have viruses again, just got it fixed not long ago, where and what are these crazy things!!!!! I could never send a virus on purpose I can barely blog on purpose!!!! hee hee Oh that is my oldest son too!!!!! What!!! What do they mean there are busy, we have been busy their whole lives.... we all have the same kids!!!!!! But I just know this grandbaby aint gonna be that way!!!! ha ha ha see what I tell myself while they are small!!!! No wonder mine are so rotten still!!! Can't wait to see what you are going to be up too next!!!!!

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