Sunday, July 3, 2011

Why oh why can I not post comments and posts? whaaaa

Knock-knock!!  Is this thing working yet??

Here is my Uncle Sam and Libby busts I took pics of the other day.  And you can see my new begonias I bought at The Olde Homestead here in town.  That was their last red ones.  Mom always had red begonias, so I thought I needed some, too.  Except Mom had a green thumb and I don't.  So, thats my excuse and I'm sticking with it!! The Patriotic busts were made using a Jackie Schmidt pattern.

Here is my sheep!  I just love her; she's so grungy.  Love her little stick legs from the yard and her grunged batting tail held on with a rusty nail.  If you click for a bigger pic, you can see it.

Here is the mousie Patriotic parade pull toy!!  This was so fun to make with all the little mousie eyes and whiskers and scarves.  The watermelon is so cute!!
Both the sheep pattern and this one is by Kentucky Primitives, as is the next one of the rabbit and watermelon snack.

I found this Patriotic rabbit carrying his watermelon snack in the front garden.  Shhh, snuck up on him, shhh, and quickly snapped a pic! hehehe
Love his little stick legs!!  They crack me up!

Last, here is the Liberty Star Make-do made from osnaburg, crosstitched on with Pearl cotton and a grungy olde flag safety pinned on.  Looks complicated, but actually very easy and quick to make.  Pattern by Kerri Arthur.

And there you have it!  This is what I've been doing around here.  Oh, and working on a secret (shhhh) quilt project from time to time.  I hope she's not reading this!  OoooPs!!

Everyone have a wonderful Fourth of July and spend lots of time and eat lots of goodies!  Be careful out there!

*** I'd love it if you posted a comment here on my blog.  I love the emails, but, don't be shy and comment right here, too.  Just click on the comments... go ahead... don't be afraid, it only takes a minute and doesn't cost a thing!  I swear!!!  hahahaha!  Love you guys!!


Heth said...

Hi MJ, just love all your grungy friends hiding around your place! hope you all had a great 4th July. big hugs

MaryMaryQuiteContrary said...

Thanks Heather, we had a nice relaxing and fun day together with mil and fil and my son actually was there the whole time!!!! Which is a huge YEAH!! for me, cause I love spending time with him. DH and I both agree, life is so fulfilling having our incredible, amazing son to spend time with!

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