Saturday, June 27, 2009

All my pinnies I've received from Group PC Swap

Look at my new slideshow! Awesome! I've let you know who made each one in their titles!

I belong to International Primitive Doll Makers Group on Yahoo! Not everyone signed up, but those that did are having a blast giving and received these jewels! Some of the gals created their own without using patterns and some bought patterns or used ones they had. We give/receive each month using a theme assigned to that month. It really uses your brain power to think what that particular person would like and how you can use that to fit the theme. Fun fun fun!!

I'll be adding another slideshow soon on some other pincushions I've either made for others, myself or someone has given to me. My philosophy is; you can never have too many pinnies!! I actually use each and everyone of them, too!

Pincushion patterns are 1 of the kind I collect. I have oodles and gobs. Speaking of which, I need to go work on one now to get it in the mail ASAP!

Need to email me? I welcome comments, suggestions, questions so go right ahead!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

those pinnies are beautiful! I've never tried making one because I'm a little intimidated by the pattern... go figure!
:) Missy

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