Friday, June 26, 2009

The Deal with Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Why Mary Mary Quite Contrary? You ask, wellll. Its easy. It seems everywhere I work co-workers always get around to calling me that after they get to know me. Some even sing the song as a greeting! My reply to it is always, "I prefer Mary had a little lamb."
Now, I don't really think this says, HEY! You are contrary, Mary! But, then again, I remember my sisters calling me that growing up, too! Soooo. Actually 1 place I worked, I was known as Mary Sunshine. That was because there was already a Mary there when I started and they called her Mary Darkness after I got there. Hmmmm! Something to ponder.
Changing the subject, though! I have 2 dolls to show you. I used the pattern by Jhoanna Monte Aranez at for her Ruby dolls. They are for 2 of my sisters I should be seeing tomorrow at my little sis's House Party for Oscar Meyer Weiner. It might be cancelled, but ooops! I didn't get notified so I'll be showing up anyway. (There is that contrary thing rearing its ugly head I see.) hehehe!!
Doll making is very fun to me. Even if I make pretty dolls instead of Prim dolls which I prefer! These were fun because I got to use wool, which I'm crazy about, and mix and match fabrics, which I'm very crazy about. One day while antiquing in my favourite shop, I found oodles and gobs of fabric I loved!!! Good or bad? Both!! Because if I ever go to rehab, it'll be because I've got so much fabric its become a health hazard!! LOL Seriously! On that trip I picked up some vintage pink dotted swiss! Yeah!! And a bag of vintage lace! Yeah!! So my little sis whose fav colour is pink got that Ruby. I had a red fq from my friend Carla (waving Hi at her) I got in a swap with her! Yeah! I coordinated it with the Mary Engelbreit cherries fabric and tulle! Fun Fun!

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