Thursday, June 25, 2009

Opening up a new world!

Hey, this is me!! Haha, no actually its a doll I made! I made her, I call her Snow Pretty, a few months ago. For myself. Awww, really it was for someone else, but as I fall in love with every doll I make, she ended up on the coffee table in my living room ever since! She is sewn from a pattern by the amazing Karen Nieforth from R&K Creations. Frostina Winter Snow Doll if memory serves. Very nice pattern and so many options for the dress and accessories! I use her for my identity.

I pour over so many blogs I decided to start one up myself as an experiment. Plus, I thought it might save me some time, letting everyone know all the time what was going on and who I'd sent pics to. That gets exhausting! So, all you avid bloggers, please be patient with me! I'm rusty at writing! Also, don't hate me 'cause I brag all the time about what amazing thing I've done lately. I'm not an ego-maniac, but just in awe everytime I do something great! LMAO!!


Heth said...

Hi Mary, Welcome to Blogland... its looking good, I will be a frequent vistor

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary... Oh I do hope you keep up with the blog! it's alot of fun! I love your snow pretty doll. and check out those eyelids! love it!
:) Missy

Silkymits2000 said...

I just started too except in a week I wrote 50 blogs! Got hooked.Nice doll. I make dolls from sugar. I'm blog scanning to learn how to make in sculpty or fimo.

Jessie said...

Mary Jo,
She's sweet. Good start on your blog. Keep up the good work.

Val Carline said...

Hi MJ..its me lol... Loooooove the snow doll..keep up the good work ..i am still trying to get a blog of my own together ..(((smile))) huggies from Oz Val xxxxx

JenW!~ said...

She is adorable. I sure could use some of her chillin power with the heat we are having here.

Good start on your blog.

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