Sunday, June 13, 2010

Americana Handmades: I'm on the LoOkOut!!

On the LoOkOut!  Where are those Patriotic Goodies?!

Its so fun this time of year.  Everywhere you look these wonderfully creative folks have their Americana goods displayed.  On their front doors, their yards, blogs, sites and sellers sites.  Love'n all those wonderful goodies!!  Wooo Hooo!

Every year I make some myself, if you'll recall.  They are always posted on my blog.  I get so enthusiastic making them for others, too.  Just a couple days ago, I had someone talking about the cute stuff I make.  1 lady, you know who you are! Keeps them displayed in her house year round!

Right now, I'm working on a quilt for the door in Americana theme.  I have some quilting left to do, then I'll bind it and post it here.  Its going on my door!  The pattern is from This-n-That Fabrics online shop.  They have some wonderful free patterns for quilts and things. 

The only problem I have this time of year, is what to make! LOL  I get overwhelmed and can't decide, so I say I'll make them all, and as anyone knows, its not that easy!  LOL  I still have to breathe, eat, sleep, work, etc.  I should maybe just close my eyes and pick.  Or possibly write them all out on bits of paper, mix them up in a bowl and choose that way! 

How does everyone else choose what to make and which pattern to use?  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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