Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yeah! And now on to the Show!!

 Hello Everyone!!

As you have noticed, for the past, billion months, I've not been blogging!  At least, I hope you've noticed!  My computer conked out and the replacement was a hand-me-down from my oldest son while he was in college.  Actually, come to think of it, the one that conked out was also a hand-me-down from his Freshman year in college.  It was a setup that my husband had built for him.  He is a bit rough on computers, and had originally wanted a laptop, but DH did a desktop.  After we'd switched out computers a couple times, by this time still in his Freshman year at McKendree (Lebanon), we still hadn't given in to the laptop.  After my son had a very successful modeling gig completed, he bought his own laptop.  That's what I use now.  I struggled with it without success, and never got it where I was able to blog using it.  I hated using another computer in the house, though.  I did browse blogs and comment, but didn't post to my own blog.  

But, I'm baaaaack!! 

Son #2 had pity on me today and fixed my laptop.  Here's how it went.

S#2:  So, ma why are you using the computer in here (family room)?
Me:  You know its because my laptop won't work right and I can't post to my blog.  Why?
S#2:  Its kinda inconvenient, right?  I mean I'm trying to watch (blah, blah).  I could fix it real quick then you wouldn't have to be in here, right?
Me:  Oh, right like you would!  I've asked a trillion times.  But, if you did it'd be great.
S#2:  Okay, its fixed.
Me:  Nuh, uhh!
S#2:  Okay, so I'll post on your blog and include a pic to show you.  Testing testing.
Me:  No way, it can't be fixed so fast!!!  Its a fluke!
S#2:  Ohhh Kay!  I'll post another one just to be sure.  Testing testing testing.  There!  Its fixed!!
Me:  You mean to tell me, $@&!?!  (bleep, bleep)!!!  waited all this *&^%?@@ (bleep, bleeeeep!) time?!!!
S#2:  *chuckle*  Gosh ma!!  All you had to do was ask!  Geesh!

So, just to show you, my 2 sons are quite different.  #1 breaks things, #2 fixes things, but still, they both love getting their old ma's dander up!! LMAO

 Here is the purse I recently made for 1 of my older sister's Birthday!  It's made from the pattern 10 Strip Wonder Tote.  It's an incredibly easy pattern and if you've never made one, you should, really.  Using a jelly roll or bali pop, you can make 4 purses.  What a deal!  The only problem I had was when I showed it at work and everyone wanted to buy one.  They kept asking, "so how much will it cost you to make me one?"  I kept telling them I'd have to get back with them.  Luckily I've kept everyone at bay so far...

After this first bag I decided to make my mil 1 for Mother's Day and I love, love how it turned out.  This time I used bamboo handles and an antique button I have saved for a special project.

 I was quite sneaky and tricked her into picking out her own fabric.  The best buffalo job I've done in a while, because, bless her heart, she never suspects any trickery!  It was, of course, necessary, because I always want to make her "just the right thing" for any occasion.

Just look at that gorgeous antique button!  Its a big one and perfect for this bag.  Now, I've got to make myself one.  Do you ever do that?  Make something for everyone to give away, but never make one for yourself?  LOL  I started a lining for a little totebag that my #2 son gave me.  Its a little canvas Hilton Head tote and I love carrying it, but would feel better if it had a lining, So, the fabric is all cut, the zipper is ready, and its gathering dust on the shelf.  Boo hooo I'm not very nice to myself!

Laff a lil each day, I'm not a doctor, but its my script for you!
Mary Jo

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