Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FYI 10 Strip Wonder Bag

Info on the purses I made!

Just so everyone who has been asking me knows, I'll post the name of the pattern I used to make this totebag.  Its called the 10 Strip Wonder Bag.  The designer is Suzanne Sievers' Designs.  Just do a Google search and it will come up for sale in many different shops.  You can make it in 2 different sizes and use either purchased handles or make the fabric handles in the pattern.  And Yes, there is a button hole to make as a button is used for the flap.  Easy peasy, as easy as can be.

Here's a pic of the lining for the curious! hehe  My mil loves brown, earth tones.  For a bit of fun I used the "Crazy and Hearts and Stars" fabric.

Thanks to everyone who asked all the questions!  I love answering!  Be sure to comment here on the blog, too, as I'm sure there are those who'd love to see the answers here, too.  Thanks so much for everyone's interest and its glad to be back and know I have so many great friends!!!  You are blessings!!
Mary Jo

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carla ( said...

Oh These are so cute MJ!!!! So glad to see you back blogging again and crafting!!! I have missed you!!!! hugs

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